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Band History

It started with a silly idea that Eric had a long time ago, that the song This Island Earth should be done by the Who circa 1970. He mentioned this to gundo one day and gundo said, "let's do it!" Jason, who did not play bass, was informed that he would be the bassist. His reaction, typical to Jason really, was "…sure, I can do that."

Both gundo and Eric were worried about a drummer, till each informed the other that they played the drums.

They needed something else, and at a Memorial Day party at Chez Dork (the Gunderson household) in 2007, poor Mike Nixon was hauled kicking and screaming into the band.

This was Toyboat Mk I. This version of the band played their first full length show at Demicon in 2008, closely followed by Duckon a few weeks later. Over the next year or so they played at over a dozen different conventions around the midwest and on the east coast.

They went into Ravenslake Music Productions late summer 2009 to record their self-titled first CD, which was released at OVFF later that year.

Around that time gundo and Tom Smith started talking, which led to that match made in filk purgatory - the dreaded Tomboat. The songs of Tom Smith, backed up by Toyboat.

Shortly before the first Tomboat show, producer Raven joined the band as full-time keyboardist and synthesist.

Now the band is looking toward recording their second CD. They will also be Filk Guests Of Honor at SFContario November 18-20.